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About Us

Best Piano offers complete service for any and all pianos in the Greater Toronto Area. With more than 30 years of experience and 30 years worth of satisfied customers, we make sure that your piano brings you many years of enjoyment.

We make caring for your piano easy, with a full range of services. From tuning and refinishing to moving and restoration, give your piano the care and attention it deserves. Call us today, and make your piano the Best Piano it can possibly be!

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
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Piano tuning

Let our experts get your piano in perfect tune!

Piano refinishing

Bring your old piano back to life by refinishing it with Best Piano!

Piano moving

Our professionals will safely move your piano to wherever you need! 

Piano repair

Fix those broken keys or hammers and bring your piano back to life!

Piano restoration

Restore your piano to its original beauty with Best Piano!

Used pianos

Browse our large selection of used pianos!

New pianos

Best Piano has a wide selection of brand new pianos to choose from!

Piano storage

Store your piano safely and securely with Best Piano storage!

Piano checkups

Get your piano checked by a professional to see if it requires tuning or any other services!

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