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New Pianos For Sale in Toronto, New Pianos Store

Best Piano carries an incredible selection of new pianos at prices to suit every budget. Whether you are looking for a new baby grand piano to add a touch of drama to your home, or a studio size piano to enjoy, Best Piano has what you are looking for. Due to our high turnover rates, frequent sales and purchasing direct from the manufacturer, we constantly have new pianos arriving in our warehouse.

What types of new pianos do we carry?

At Best Piano, we carry a wide array of pianos: from grand pianos to baby grand pianos, apartment size pianos, studio size pianos, full upright pianos and everything in between! We have constantly changing inventory and exceptional prices!

August Hoffman- New Piano Suzuki- New Piano Hoffman & Kuhne- New Piano
New Piano August Hopffman New Piano Suzuki New piano Hoffman & Kuhne
Hoffman & Kuhne Baby Grand- New Piano Hoffman & Kuhne Baby Grand- New Piano Hoffman & Kuhne New upright Piano
new piano Hoffman & Kuhne baby grand Hoffman & Kuhne New Piano hoffmann and kuhne new piano
Hoffman & Kuhne upright New Piano Prince- New Piano August Hoffman -New Piano
new piano Hoffman & Kuhne upright Prince new piano August Hoffman new piano
Steigerman New Piano hoffmann and kuhne- New Piano Silbermann- New Piano
Steigerman new piano hoffmann and kuhne new piano new piano Silbermann
 Silbermann Upright- New Piano  Yamaha U3 - LIKE New Piano  Kawai - LIKE New Piano
new piano Silbermann upright Yamaha U3 Like new piano Kawai Like new piano
 Yamaha GH1- New Piano  Yamaha U1- New Piano  Hoffmann and Kuhne- New Piano
Yamaha New Piano Yamaha U1 Like new piano hoffmann and kuhne new piano
 Hoffmann and Kuhne- New Piano  Hoffmann and Kuhne- New Piano (Oak Colour)  Yamaha U3 - Like New Piano
 new piano Hoffmann and Kuhne  new piano Hoffmann and Kuhne Oak Colour  Yamaha U3 piano like new

What brands of new pianos do we carry?

From Baldwin to Heintzman to Petrof, our range of new pianos is truly exceptional. Whether you’re looking for a Weber, Suzuki or Yamaha, you are sure to find what you are looking for at Best Piano. If you aren’t sure exactly what brand of new piano you are looking for, simply book an appointment to get some advice from our piano experts – they’re sure to help you find exactly the piano you are looking for!

When can I drop by to see your wide selection of new pianos?

At Best Piano, we prefer that you make an appointment to drop by our state-of-the-art showroom and warehouse. In order to make sure that one of our piano experts is available to answer all your questions and provide you with information, we ask that our customers make an appointment. We have flexible hours and can accommodate most appointments at short notice, so drop us a line and book an appointment today to find the new piano you’ve been looking for!

Making old pianos look new again

Best Piano is the GTA’s best resource for piano refinishing and restoration. If you have an old piano that could use some TLC, contact Best Piano to learn how we can make your old piano look and sound like new again. Whether it requires a few new hammers, some new keys, or complete refinishing, Best Piano will take your weathered instrument and make it look and sound new again. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate for refinishing and restoring your piano to its original glory!

Trade-in your old piano!

If you’ve been dreaming about a new piano to replace your old piano, Best Piano has just what you are looking for! With our piano trade-ins, you can trade in your old piano towards the purchase of a new piano! Depending on the condition and value of your old piano, we will provide you with an estimate of its market value and put that value towards your purchase of a new piano from Best Piano! It’s an excellent way to save some money and get that new piano you’ve been dreaming of without having to go through the hassle of selling your old piano! Contact Best Piano today to learn more!

New piano rentals

If you’re not ready to buy a new piano, you can take advantage of Best Piano’s new piano rental program! We rent out certain new pianos from our showroom so that you can enjoy them for a limited period of time. Whether you need a brand new black lacquered baby grand for one evening, or are looking for a new apartment size piano to rent for a month, contact us about our piano rental program to learn more!