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Piano Repair Toronto

Over time, pianos can depreciate from use and they often require various repairs. The skilled technicians at Best Piano are trained to help you with any piano problem you may have.

What normally happens to pianos over time?

Regular use over time causes pianos to become de-tuned, effecting the general sound quality and pitch of your piano. Other common problems are thinning hammer felt, tired strings, broken piano hammers and chipped wood. All of these things can have a negative effect on the sound and general appearance of your piano. The professionals at Best Piano can restore the sound of your piano to its former glory.

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What are some of the piano repair services offered by Best Piano?

Best Piano offers any piano repair service necessary to make your piano look and sound its best. Some common piano repair services include:

Hammer Reshaping: Hammer reshaping is the process of sanding down and reshaping your piano’s hammers to recreate their initial shape. As the hammers of your piano continuously strike the felt, they lose their shape, distorting the sound of the instrument. Hammer reshaping is a simple way to improve the sound of your piano.

Rehammering: Also called hammer replacement, rehammering a piano is the process of replacing all of your pianos hammers. A piano requires rehammering after significant periods of use, once the hammers can no longer simply be reshaped. Depending on the frequency of use, a piano should only need to be rehammered after many years of play.

Restringing: In addition to hammer reshaping and rehammering, the experts at Best Piano also have experience restringing all types of pianos. Restringing is the process of replacing your piano’s strings. This generally occurs as a complete set. Over time piano strings become worn and lose their tone. This may occur more quickly if the quality of your piano’s strings are poor or if your piano is being kept in a particularly unfavorable climate. Restringing can be a vital investment to maintain the value of a particularly valuable piano.

Our piano repair specialists have ample experience repairing pianos in all states of disrepair, so you can be confident that no matter what level of repair is required, Best Piano is equipped to handle it.

Where will my piano be repaired?

Some piano repairs may be done on site, at your home or studio, while others will require Best Piano to move your piano or parts of your piano to our specially equipped piano warehouse. Whether your piano repairs are done on site or at our warehouse, you can be confident that your piano is safe in the hands of our highly trained piano repair specialists.

Why have your piano repaired by our professionals??

Professionalism and excellent customer interaction is what we have to offer to our customers within Toronto and the GTA. All our technicians are experienced and have been working in this industry for several years. They are each fully capable of tackling the most difficult of repairs in the various piano designs in the least amount of time necessary. Depending on the severity of the problem, we may transport your piano to our warehouse or send a technician to your residential home within Toronto and the GTA.

Best Piano is the premier piano repair service in Toronto and the GTA. If you would like a quote, please contact us at (647) 478-5395 or email us through the “Contact Us” page. Within the message please state the general problem with your piano and leave your location within Toronto or the GTA.

What types of pianos does Best Piano repair?

Best Piano can repair any type of piano, including upright pianos, baby grand pianos, grand pianos and apartment-sized pianos. No matter what type of piano you have, our specialists are trained to repair it. Call Best Piano today for your FREE, no-obligation piano repair estimate and find out what it will cost to make your piano sound and look its best. We also offer piano repair and piano tuning packages to suit your budget.

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