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Piano restoration in the Greater Toronto Area

Piano restoration can involve many things. It could mean that an old piano is being refinished completely and original elements such as scrollwork are being added back, or it could mean that a tired old piano is being given a new set of legs before being refinished completely. Regardless scope, piano restoration is an art that requires a skilled craftsman and a specialized environment. Our state-of-art showroom and warehouse means that we can restore pianos on-site.

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What does the process involve?

Piano restoration is unique to each instrument. It involves a combination or refinishing and repair and produces incredible results: old pianos become incredible, gleaming versions of themselves through the work of skilled professionals. Dull peeling lacquer is stripped away, detailing is cleaned and damage is undone, making your old piano brilliant.

Why restore my old piano?

In general, piano restoration is significantly less expensive than investing in a similar new piano. Restoration ensures that you get many more years of use from your old piano and that it avoids ending up at the curb or in the garbage. The time and effort put into restoring an old piano is truly visible – your old piano will get a brand new lease on life!

How long does it take to restore a piano?

Depending on what the restoration entails, the process can take varying amounts of time. To get a better idea of how long the restoration process for your particular piece may be, contact Best Piano today to get a free, no-obligation estimate.

How much does it cost to restore a piano?

Much like estimating how long restoration may take, it is impossible to generalize the cost of restoring a piano. The cost depends on exactly what type of restoration is required. To get a free, no-obligation estimate for your piece, contact Best Piano today. Don’t forget: restoration and tuning packages are available!

Do you also restore furniture?

Best Piano offers furniture restoration services as well! Bring us your tired old wooden furniture and we will restore it to its original beauty. From tables to armoires, our skilled craftsmen will bring your dull wooden furniture back to life! Contact Best Piano today for a free estimate!

Beautiful Piano Restoration Project - Grand Piano Louis XV Style (fully restored)

Before the piano restoration:

piano restoration before piano restoration before piano restoration before

piano restoration before piano restoration before

After the piano restoration:

piano restoration after piano restoration after piano restoration service Toronto

piano restoration project after phone piano restoration after piano legs restoration after