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Piano Moving

Best Pianos can move any piano in the Greater Toronto Area! Moving a piano can be a huge undertaking, but Best Pianos makes it simple and affordable to move your piano. Our professionals are experienced at moving pianos and will take the special care required to ensure your piano is moved without any damage. Whether you are moving an apartment sized piano or a grand piano, best piano can move any sized piano quickly and safely.

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Why hire a piano mover?

Piano moving is a skill that requires special training and practice. Beyond the obvious fact that pianos are large and can be extremely heavy, moving your piano often requires getting it through tight spaces such as doorframes. Without the proper care, it can be easy to damage your piano or even your home. The small fee required to hire an experienced piano mover may pale in comparison to the repair fees incurred if an inexperienced person attempts to move a piano.

Why choose Best Pianos to move your pianos?

Best Pianos specializes specifically in moving pianos, not simply transporting large items in general. Best Pianos has the experience moving pianos of all shapes and sizes. With Best Pianos, you can trust that your valuable piano is in the hands of experienced professionals who will take the necessary precautions to ensure your piano is moved without damage.

What will it cost?

Best Pianos is committed to moving our customer’s pianos at an affordable rate, no matter what the size or length of voyage. Best Pianos serves the entire Greater Toronto Area and our rates start at $145. We also offer a free piano checkup as well as moving and tuning packages. Call Best Pianos today to inquire about our reasonable rates and packages.

What types of pianos can Best Pianos move?

Best Pianos can move any type of piano including upright pianos, grand piano, baby grand pianos and apartment-sized pianos. We have experience moving all types of pianos, so you can be confident your piano will be moved safely, without damage no matter what type of piano it is.

Why tune my piano after I move it?

The humidity levels and acoustic levels of a new space may make your piano sound out of tune once it is moved. For this reason, we recommend tuning your piano once it is moved. Best Pianos offers moving and tuning packages to make this both easy and affordable.

Call Best Pianos today and trust that your piano is being moved safely anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area!

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